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Chat with Haniel83 - Lenomard Card Reading and Gipsy Card Reading in Neunkirchen online. 5-10 years of practice in Gipsy Card Reading. ​Imagine, how nicely it would feel to achieve the happiness you have been dreaming about! ​L​et​'s find the reasons of the issues in your life - together​, we can ​fix them all! ​I am really into helping and understanding people ​, in order to make them happier and more satisfied in their lives. Seeing the improvement is always a thing which fills my heart with warm light and makes me feel that is makes sense to be open minded and helpful. ​​*****ABOUT ME***** Love and understanding, taking care of the others are the most important things in my own life, too, which is totally balanced, and full of happiness. I would like to help you to be as happy and satisfied with your life as I am, that is the main reason that I am here. ​I am mainly into discussing and understanding problems, find their reasons and then define a solution for them. I believe in long-term improvements and not quick fixes and yes / no answers- which is always the more difficult way to go but it makes more sense Also I do cards if there is a need for it ( gypsy, tarot) , have pendulum and work with energies to improve different areas of your life.​ *****FREE CHAT GUIDELINES***** Please take a moment to read these ones through: I do not offer readings ​and services ​in free chat, as the name says it is about chatting, giving you information about my services, and making a little bit of connection​ - but also please note that we have to keep it professional , this chat room is not about off-topic discussions, I am not an entertainer but a person who is here to help you. Please try to keep it polite- I do the same, we are here to respect each other, and cooperate​ in order to reach your objectives​. *****TOPICS I COVER***** Love (please note that I am really open and LGBT friendly) ​Issues about yourself ( low self-confidence, lack of ability for loving yourself)​ Family Career Finance Relocation ​***HOW A PRIVATE SESSION TAKES PLACE IN MY ROOM*** You just hire me by clicking on the ‘ Start private reading button ‘ and then you enter to a private session. I need name , gender, date of birth , maritial status and location to connect to you. After giving me these, ​I need some time , to understand where we are, and then ​you can ask your question, and I have a look at the topic – or I can do a general spread first if you prefer that, and then we spot on the topic you are interested in. I use my clairvoyance​ mainly, but I do gypsy cards,​ tarot cards​ also sometimes pendulum. Please note that I also can send angelic energies to improve different areas of your life – this kind of session takes usually 15 minutes, and all you have to do is relax while me and the angels are working on you. *****GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WEBSITE***** If you have any problems or something is not clear about the site, we have a wonderful​ly detailed and straightforward​ FAQ section on the website, at the following link : ​​www.oranum.com/help/faq It covers topics like Website , Experts, Member functions, Credit purchase, and also technical help. ******** It is your chance to choose me, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to do so! Wish you all the best in your life! Love, Peace, Balance, Happiness, Complacency. Hope to hear from you soon. Haniel ​xxx

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